Buttkickin’ Holiday Songs: “Sleigh Ride” — Debbie Gibson (1992)

blgveryspecialxmas2Yeah hear me out on this…

Boots absolutely adores this holiday classic covered by Ms. Gibson from the 1992 A Very Special Christmas 2. And I wanted to score some Brownie Points with my better half so I’m including it my esteemed list.

And I know what you’re thinking: how on EARTH are the words “Debbie Gibson” and “buttkickin'” possibly being uttered in the same sentence? I will only respond to this by making two succinct points:

1) Boots and I went to one of those “Celebrate the 80s” shows earlier this year. Ms. Gibson was the #2 headliner, only being succeeded by the inauspiciously serviceable Eddie Money. And love her or hate her, she brought her freakin’ A-Game and THEN some. She’s a natural performer and entertainer.

2) I could not keep my eyes off her midriff. Good LORD. Her body is something insanely tight.

And Sleigh Ride… come on, there are few (if any) more cheerful Christmas songs, really. So fire it up and enjoy. Please. Boots thanks you in advance.

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