Buttkickin’ Holiday Songs: “Let My Love Open The Door” — Pete Townshend (1980)

blgtownshendmyloveOK bear with me on this one…

Pete Townshend’s classic 1980 hit Let My Love Open The Door is not, strictly speaking, a “holiday song” by any imagination.

It is, however, a deeply spiritual and extremely uplifting one.

Ostensibly a love song, this Top 10 hit from his Empty Glass solo album is indeed about love, but not romantic love. Townshend was a devoted follower of Indian spiritual master Meher Baba, whose teachings inspired much of The Who’s most celebrated work; Tommy was dedicated to him and he was name-checked in Baba O’Riley. The spiritual worldview got Townshend thinking about Jesus while writing this song, and about the importance of God’s love being essential to unlocking the joy and love shut away in our own hearts.

Let My Love Open The Door was, in Pete’s words, listening in as “Jesus sings”.

So I think it’s apropos as a buttkickin’ Christmas song! Plus, no matter how you want to interpret the tune, it’s probably one of my Top 10 favorite songs of all time. Just a great little pop ditty from one of rock’s legendary songwriter/guitarists.

I have the only key to your heart
I can stop you falling apart
Try today, you’ll find this way
Come on and give me a chance to say

Let my love open the door, it’s all I’m living for
Release yourself from misery
There’s only one thing gonna set you free
That’s my love, that’s my love

One thought on “Buttkickin’ Holiday Songs: “Let My Love Open The Door” — Pete Townshend (1980)

  1. Yep. Right on. It’s a brilliant little song. IMO, the E. Cola mix of this tune from 1996 is dramatically better, and trance-like in its evocation of spiritual love. I never tire of listening to it. The Empty Glass version is a little too bouncy for my taste.

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