We interrupt my activity on THIS blog to bring you my activity on ANOTHER blog, or: “It’s hard to believe such a calamity…”

First of all, don’t panic. Hokeyblog isn’t going anywhere. As a matter of fact, it’s never been stronger in terms of page views and visibility, so I think the whole Hokey-BRAND is moving along rather swimmingly! Although I wonder if anyone was actually panicking after reading that headline. I mean, other than my weepy Aunt Bunny…

Well never mind frankly fictitious morose maternal-types, because here’s the exciting news (to someone!): I’ve recently started blogging for our running group Friends In Training. Currently titled Rhapsody In Yellow, you can find it by clicking here or by going to http://friendsintraining.net/blog.

This is my second season with FIT and quite frankly they’re stuck with my pushy, loudmouthed, will-he-EVER-shut-up nosiness, so the least I could do was volunteer some of my blogging expertise and gee-whiz know-how. Although it’s tailored as sort of a FIT “Social Club” for members, it’s an open blog and will be covering lots of running- and race-related topics. I’ll still be doing my race reviews, gear reviews, training plans, and other stuff here, of course. Plus I promised Marcela I would keep things family-friendly at the group blog, so I can unleash my inherently unnecessary potty-mouth over here, if required.

While we’re on the topic of running groups… I honestly never thought I needed one. I spent my first twenty months of running doing it as a solo job; either on a treadmill or outside, I’d plug my earphones in and go, using my time alone as an opportunity for contemplation and general mind-wandering. But when I decided to run my first full marathon last year, I realized I needed some positive reinforcement while out there pounding away at the mileage. A good running group is entirely beneficial for such an endeavor. Sometimes those long miles can get a little boring, a little lonely, and a whole lot of repetitive. Having people out there with you is a good way to keep that motivation strong. Not to mention a huge wellspring of shared knowledge that is passed back and forth between each other, as well as having friends to kibbitz with before (and after) training runs and races.

I love saying kibbitz

So if you’re thinking about joining a running group, I highly recommend it. Even if you’re a pushy loudmouth like me, you’ll most likely find them welcoming and accommodating of all types of runners, from absolute novices to elites. Give it a shot. And check out Rhapsody In Yellow if you’re so inclined. Thanks, and here’s the totally cheeseball video:

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