Just registered for my next Half, or: “Maybe you’ll see someone has put a spell on me…”

Well as they say, no rest for the wicked. Or was that no pants for the lawyers? I’ve never been good with the lingua franca, or perhaps even not sure exactly what the lingua franca is, and I’m too lazy to Google. What a weird way to start a post…

Well moving on then… fresh off a mammoth Race weekend at Disneyland, I’m back into hardcore training (tempo, intervals, speedwork, etc.) but the race season is well underway and I’m itching to get back in the game.

My goal this year? Sub 2-hour Half. Even if it’s 1:59:59. It’s my existential Golden Ticket, and I’m about to go all Charlie Bucket on that noise!

Sauconys, Bill, and $140. Yeah I know...

Sauconys, Bill, and $140. Yeah I know…

Anyway not to drag things out TOO much, but this is where I’ll be racing next:



That’s right, the Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon, coming up this October 26, 2013. I will be running in costume, most likely, and definitely something superhero related. I have a Flash tattoo but that’d be too easy. Most likely be either some Robin variation or Green Arrow. I’ve always been more of a DC guy anyhow.

So huzzah! Now it’s back to the training grind. Gotta do your speedwork folks. Never play cards with anyone named after a fish, or drink anything with a green pencil in it. Here’s the video:

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