And we’re outta here!, or: “All in all my aim is better, shots as clean as a mean go-getter…”


The car service arrives at 5:15AM tomorrow morning, taking us from the lovely shores of Welleby to Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Virgin Airways will deliver Boots and I to LAX, and another car service will transport us in style and faux-luxury to the Disneyland Hotel. And the latest Run Disney adventure will begin with lots of colorful adjectives, questionable metaphors, and an epic! amount!! of exclamation points!!!

The Dumbo Double Dare challenge awaits…

So yeah, a lot going down this weekend. The 10K is Saturday, the half marathon on Sunday. If you want to follow my progress, there will be live race updates posting to my Twitter and my Facebook page. If we’re not Facebook friends, shoot me an invite. I don’t bite. Except when I try to sing falsettos. Totally bites.

Stay safe, my friends. This is going to be quite the adventure. I’ll be back next Tuesday. And without fail, here’s the video:

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