Pimpin’ my wife’s blog, or: “There to entertain and take you thru the night …”

hysSo Boots has started up a new blog. I say a new blog because she used to have an old blog, WAY back when from even before we started dating in 2005. I know this because I used to stalk her on it. I even stalked her old Dairyland blog as well. There’s something about the way someone uses language to express their thoughts and emotions that I find insanely attractive, which is why I jumped at the chance to date her. Eight years later, she’s blogging again and I find this most agreeable. And by “agreeable” I mean “hubba hubba”. Or something.

Anyway, for those who don’t know Boots, my wife is an avid concertgoer. Did I say “avid concertgoer”? I meant TOTAL FREAKIN’ ADDICT. Concerts are her Kryptonite. I’ve seen more shows in the past 7 years than I had in the previous 34. Within a few scant months of our first date we had already seen Aerosmith, Billy Joel, INXS, and a host of other shows together. And if I’m not interested, she’ll go with friends. And if her friends aren’t available? She’ll gladly go solo. Boots is an unstoppable force when it comes to seeing live performances. Even if it’s for a band or artist in which she’s marginally interested at best.

And I even did a Led Zeppelin cover too! That's a LOT of entertainment...

And I even did a Led Zeppelin cover too! That’s a LOT of entertainment…

Why else would we have gone to see both Paul Anka and Tony Orlando? Other than the ego-boosting shot of awesomeness for being the youngest people in the audience? Or that it was because we got $10 tickets through my job?

Well anyway… Boots’s favorite band of all-time is Def Leppard. Don’t judge! As of this writing she has now seen them 23 times. Last year she flew out to Irvine, CA to see them, then flew to Vegas to see them the next night, then came home and drove up to Tampa to see them *again*, until they finally played our neck of the woods. And by “our neck of the woods”, I mean FIVE FREAKIN’ MINUTES FROM OUR HOUSE! Of course, she saw them again. And that’s nothing. One time she stalked them throughout Florida and saw them three or four times in on week. Oy. That’s a lot of Leppardemia. I’m a fan (mostly of their High N Dry and Pyromania albums) but I can’t imagine a single band or artist out there right now that could inspire that level of devotion out of me. Even if Lennon and Harrison rose from the dead and The Beatles launched a grand world tour, I might just wait for the DVD. #horseshit

I also got beautiful legs!

I also got beautiful legs!

So anyway, last month Boots made her way to Las Vegas to see Def Leppard’s perform at the Hard Rock as part of their¬†month-long¬†residency. She sprung for the VIP Experience: going backstage, meeting the band, getting pictures, getting to name one of Phil Collen’s pectorals, and much more. But rather than listen to me sum it up, why not read it for yourself?

Check out Boots over at Concert Girl by clicking here!

If you think she’s kinda nuts, you’re probably right and she’d most likely agree with you. She married me, after all. Here’s the video:

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