Doing the Dumbo Challenge, or: “But I’d be done see’n about everything..”


***UPDATE — Sold out in less than an hour! Glad I got in when I did…

No rest for the wicked, it seems.

Well it looks like I’m going to be returning to Anaheim this Labor Day. As you may recall, last year we headed out to run the 2012 Disneyland Half Marathon, and we had a swell time of it. So much so, I was more than ready to return this year, and do my best to beat my previous time (2:13).

Run Disney has upped their game by coming up with a new challenge rather appropriately entitled the ‘Dumbo Double Dare’. It basically welcomes runners to a two-day challenge; a 10K (6 miles) on Saturday and a half marathon (13.1 miles) on Sunday. Of course, Disney BEING Disney, they’ve overpriced the hell out of this registration: $280! Do they honestly think I’m ridiculous enough to shell out that kind of cash for two runs that don’t even amount to a full marathon distance?

Of course they do. And naturally, of course I am. Damn them. Did I happen to mention Dumbo is my favorite Disney toon of all time? Laugh if you want, but I freakin’ Double Dare YOU to watch that entire movie and not bawl yourself silly over the sequence where Dumbo’s Mom is locked up in that cage, and he’s scared and alone, tears in his eyes, and…and… and he goes to his Mom’s cage and he can only see her trunk coming through the bars, and she reaches out to him… and starts singing the lullaby-esque ‘Baby Mine’ and rocking him to dry his tears, and he can’t even see her… and that cage is so small… and… and… excuse me a sec folks, its my allergies, must be something in my eye…

So yeah, registered and ready. I found an Annual Passholder link that got me early registration, which is good, because I hear there’s only 8,000 slots available and they’re predicted to sell out in an hour! Zowie… but I can’t wait for this.

In the meantime, the next scheduled races include Tough Mudder Miami in March (10 mile obstacle course), Rock N Roll USA Marathon in Washington two weeks after that, and the Keys 100 relay in May (100 mile relay marathon from Key Largo to Key West) — of that last one, I am definitely NOT running 100 miles. More like 16+ miles, taking turns with 5 other teammates on different stretches. Either way, we plan on getting to leaving Key Largo around 6 that morning and getting to Key West around midnight, and afterward I expect to get ossified¬†at Irish Kevin’s. We shall see.

Still not sure if I’m doing ING Miami again this year. I have about five days to decide, though. Publix A1A in February might be do-able again though. Time will tell. Here’s the video:

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