Hokeyblog: The Soundtrack Album?

blggoofgreatsWell, not literally

So for those of you who are new to the whole Hokey Industries International experience — or for old-timers who wouldn’t mind a review, and you’ve read this far so why not? — your humble host is a bit fond of music as a prosaic exclamation point. I mean seriously, why underscore a general thesis with well-reasoned logic, impeccably constructed arguments, and forceful expressiveness that would make Walt Whitman shudder when you can highlight your frame of mind with a 3-minute video clip from Kajagoogoo or Haysi Fantayzee?

Why, the amount of time saved by both me writing it and you reading it could be put to much better use!

In the fall of 2012 I started making it a habit to “tag” every post I made with a musical accompaniment, usually a semi-popular song of the classic rock variety. Of course, there was always a relationship between the song chosen and the subject matter of the post, and I’d throw in a line from the song as part of the post title. Sometimes the song selection was rather blatantly obvious; others, a tad more oblique. No matter. It added some nuanced flavor to the local proceedings, as far as I was concerned, which was a good thing because sometimes I think I come off as a dingbat.

And they weren’t necessarily even songs that I liked, per se. They just seemed to fit the moment perfectly. If you honestly think I waste one iota of my time voluntarily listening to Foghat or The Eagles, we need to talk…

Anyway, I recently decided to grab all these songs and create a Spotify Playlist out of them, thus birthing a Hokeyblog: The Soundtrack album of sorts. I wanted to see if, when combined together, they would somehow coalesce into a singular entity that would become emblematic of the look, feel, and personality of the Hokeyblog experiment. Perhaps it would result in something glib, silly, sometimes poetic, occasionally deep, maybe even insightful, but mostly trying to establish a sense of fun, plus an audio map of Ecuador.

Whether or not I succeeded is for better minds than mine to decide. But I do find myself enjoying this quite a bit, so here it is for your listening pleasure:

The tracks are in no order whatsoever. Put it on Shuffle, press Play, and off you go. Hokeyblog: The Soundtrack will be continuously updated as the blog keeps on churning on, so expect it to forever be an ever-changing work in progress… kind of like Disneyland, minus the Bacon-Mac-n-Cheese Hot Dogs, overly chlorinated water fountains, and tubby tubby tourists.

If you're reading this blog, YOU'RE AWESOME! Let me hear your thoughts.