Race Review: 2017 Walt Disney World Marathon (1/8/2017), or: “Sky blue flight on a cold wind to Valhalla…”

I’ve wanted to run a COLD marathon since like forever, man. And by cold, I mean “Cold to someone who has lived in South Florida” for 90% of his existence, and the entirety of his formative years and most of his adult life. I want the Ice Age experience, and by that I mean something … Read more

Running the 2017 Walt Disney World Marathon, or: “If the shoe fits I want you to wear it…”

And we’re back. January is a pretty nifty time around all points Hokeyblog, and I’m not talking about any of that “New Year, New Me” idiocy. Everyone is pretty much the same nozzle they were weeks ago, and we (you, me, everyone reading these words) are no different. Except we’re much better looking. Cheers to … Read more

Buttkickin’ Holiday Songs: “What Is Life” — George Harrison (1970)

Tell me, what is my life without your love Tell me, who am I without you, by my side? Like this song needs any introduction from me, amirite? And here comes the next question: how in the wide, wide world of sports is the great George Harrison’s What Is Life any measure of a holiday … Read more

2016 On The Run, or: “Breaking out of my body, and flying away…”

Well… how about that 2016, huh? I don’t know what it is about this year, but people just seem to be having the most miserable mess of things in the temporal fluxification of MMXVI. We lost Bowie, Prince, two-thirds of Emerson Lake & Palmer, and the great Alan Thicke, and we gained a Trump presidency. … Read more

Buttkickin’ Holiday Songs: “Walkin’ Round In Women’s Underwear” — Bob Rivers (1993)

Lacey things, the wife is missing. Didn’t ask, for her permission I’m wearing her clothes, Her silk pantyhose. Walking ’round in women’s underwear… Yes, I know, I’m about two weeks late with this year’s Buttkickin’ Holidays Songs so you’ll have to forgive me for my slackitude. So let’s make up for that with a little … Read more

Race Review: 2016 Flanigan’s Rockin’ Rib Run 10K (11/20/2016), or: “You know it’s more than just some new sensation…”

The Flanigan’s Rockin’ Rib Run 10K has got to be, without question, my favorite local 10K in South Florida. Maybe even the BEST 10K around. A bold statement, I know, but one I’ll wholeheartedly support. Allow me to elucidate. 10K races are, by their very definition, a pretty popular race distance. It’s a step up … Read more

Race Review: 2016 Everglades Half Marathon (11/19/2016), or: “Now I don’t move too fast, and my talk is kinda slow…”

Can I tell you a secret, from a nearly life-long South Floridian? Ready? I have never understood the appeal of The Everglades. What, exactly, is the big freakin’ deal with The Everglades? It’s a large, stinking swamp. Marshes and mangroves and gators and mosquitoes and steamy humidity and bugs and snakes that can swallow a … Read more

Race Review: 2016 TCS New York City Marathon (11/6/2016), or: “I just wanna scream it louder and louder and louder…”

The TCS New York Marathon. The biggest marathon in the world. The bucket list item towards which, along with the Boston Marathon, most North American runners aspire. A member of the prestigious World Marathon Majors… for whatever that means. A signature event. A world-class experience. An indescribable moment in time wherein a single runner can … Read more

Race Review: 2016 Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon (10/29/2016), or: “In the chilly hours and minutes of uncertainty…”

So on the morning of October 29th, 2016, I ran the 2016 Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon, in what has become an annual tradition for us here at Hokeyblog. This particular race is almost always a fun ride; I say “almost” because the 2013 race — my first time — had some serious bumps in … Read more

Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “All Nightmare Long” — Metallica (2008)

LUCK. RUNS. OUT… Well Hokeygang, it’s been another fun month of sharing Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs together! While I didn’t get to cover as many songs as I wanted to, I think we got a really strong and diverse collection of tunes together. I’ll leave you on this cool, dark, eerie Hallows Eve with a track … Read more

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