Album Review: “The Monkees Present” — The Monkees (1969)

By 1968, The Monkees had passed their zenith as a commercial entity. Their April album release The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees earned considerable success (although less successful than their previous five albums), selling over a million copies and featured their hits “Valleri” and “Daydream Believer”. From that point on? Things weren’t quite so rosy. NBC … Read more


Race Review: 2016 Labor Day Triathlon (9/4/2016), or: “All that I’ve been through, I’ll do it again…”

Here’s the thing to keep in mind when reading one of my (or any other self-absorbed, solipsistic, yet ferociously attractive blogging narcissist’s) race reviews, and that is this: what you’re reading is an overly elaborate judgement piece based on prior experience/exposure… or in the case of triathlons, PURE FREAKIN’ ANXIETY. No kidding, though. I mean it. … Read more


Best Damn Race Discount Code for Hokeyblog readers!

Yup. We’ve got a discount code for the 2016/2017 Best Damn Race series of events. Use the code HOKEYRUN and save $5 on your already low registration fees. But let’s also have a recap: Over the past few years, Best Damn Race has acquired something of a very popular reputation among runners in Florida. Surely … Read more


Concert Review: The Monkees 50th Anniversary Tour — Ft. Myers, FL (5/18/2016)

The Monkees are celebrating their 50th anniversary (!) this year. Zowie. We’re rolling into the summer of 2016 as of this writing, and I’m currently 45 years old, which is depressing enough, but never mind all that. Obviously I wasn’t around during the first wave of “Monkeemania”, and remained blissfully unaware of the group until … Read more


Album Review: “Instant Replay” — The Monkees (1969)

Delving into an album like Instant Replay is a really strange exercise for Monkees faithful, and I’m specifically using the phrase “Monkees faithful”, because heck knows, nobody else would be ostensibly interested in this record. That’s not a criticism, either. Just an exercise in outright pragmatism. The album has no big hits on it, no … Read more


Race Review: 2016 Wings For Life World Run (Sunrise, FL — 5/8/2016), or: “Spread your little wings and fly away…”

So here we are in May of 2016, which can only mean that it’s time for another go-around with the Wings For Life World Run. And this also means it’s time for another go-around for me to find a way to absolutely gush about this outstanding race and insanely positive experience without repeating myself for … Read more


Race Review: 2016 Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon (4/17/2016), or: “The boys are thirsty in Atlanta, and there’s beer in Texarkana…”

The Inaugural 2016 Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon! You know, as I started writing this race review, I came to the sudden realization that over three weeks have passed since the event, and only now have I begun to collect my thoughts about it. I think that’s a record delay for me, which means … Read more


Album Review: “Vapor Trails” — Rush (2002)

Rush’s 2002 release Vapor Trails is a difficult album. It was, by all accounts, difficult for the band to record, taking over a year to produce after an extended period during which the band had effectively shut down. The album is also infamous for its unfortunate production quality; the audio is overly loud, distorted, cluttered, … Read more


Race Review: 2016 Star Wars Dark Side 10K (4/16/2016), or: “The pleasant notion of miraculous change…”

The Inaugural 2016 Star Wars Dark Side 10K! There are a lot of exclamation point opportunities in that preceding… exclamation, but I’ll curtail my exclamatory tendencies to just a single pinpoint punctuarial proclivity. What an utterly strange way to start a race review… hrmph. Anyway so here we are in April of 2016, at the … Read more


Race Review: 2016 Race For Women’s Wellness Half Marathon (3/26/2016), or: “Ain’t it a shame to be shot down in flames…”

The Race For Women’s Wellness Half Marathon & 5K is held annually in Coral Springs, Florida, and all proceeds go to benefit The Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund. This fund provides free screening mammograms for women who cannot otherwise afford them. A great cause, to be sure, and as a smaller-sized local race, this was … Read more

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