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Jeff Galloway’s Training & Motivation Tips #9, or: “Some feel the heat and decide that they can’t go on…”

Ask any runner how much they enjoy training over the summer, and they’re likely to beat you to death with a pair of overpriced running shoes. But don’t let a catastrophic irrational fear of fatality via Hoka One-One frighten you off of the subject. We can talk summer heat training without being strangled by an enraged … Read more


Album Review: “2112” — Rush (1976)

After the commercial failure of 1975’s Caress Of Steel and the ensuing disappointment of the resulting “Down The Tubes” tour, Rush was teetering on a precipice. Their album sales, pre-COS, were respectable but not exactly lighting up the stratosphere. Now with their first commercial dud, the label was on the verge of dropping the band … Read more


I’m a Best Damn Race Ambassador, and what this means for YOU! or: “I’m burnin’ aviation fuel, my foot’s to the floor…”

Well this feels so gosh darn… adult. And I mean that in a “grown up, mature” way, and definitely NOT in a “trying to unscramble a late-night cable signal in 1983 using a bunch of analog knobs as to get a hint of naughty bits” sort of way. Gauche, really. Moving on… Over the past … Read more

"Last spring, we did Europe in nine days... then we went to Bakersfield and Fresno. No one goes to Fresno any more..."

Celebrating three years of Hokeyblogging and why not? or: “It has a meter that is tricky…”

Put on your party hats and goat-skin leggings, guys and gals, because we’re celebrating today! That’s right! We’re talking Hokeyblog’s third birthday — three years ago today, we went live with an album review of Beatles For Sale, which got the attention of absolutely nobody, given that I had zero promotion, SEO, Q-rating, Alexa ranking, … Read more


Album Review: “Presto” — Rush (1989)

The salad days of 1989 presented a fairly new situation for Rush. As the decade was waning, Messrs. Lee, Lifeson, and Peart were pretty far removed from their scrappy rock-prog early period, both in time and style. They surfed the oceans of hard rock, progressive rock, New Wave, synth rock, even a bit of post-punk … Read more


Race Review: 2015 Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon (6/20/2015), or: “It’s like a dream, no end and no beginning…”

The 2015 Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon, which took place on Saturday, June 20, 2015, was probably the most unusual and exhilarating “traditional” race in which I’ve ever participated. After six marathons, 25 half marathons, and countless other running/fitness events, that’s really saying something. Plus it makes for a real “gotcha” of an opening sentence, and … Read more


Jeff Galloway’s Training & Motivation Tips #8, or: “I think I’ll go for a walk outside now…”

Howdy Hokeyfolk! Our eighth presentation of Jeff Galloway’s Training & Motivation Tips involves the walk portion of Jeff’s “run/walk/run” strategy. Jeff is putting forth that a 30-second walk interval — as opposed to a minute — is optimal for endurance, speed, recovery, and remaining injury free. It’s an interesting option to consider if you are … Read more

That would be a Bear Selfie, yes yes...

And we’re on our way home, maybe, finally, or: “Out of my brain on the 5:15…”

So Alaska was all sorts of amazing and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. What a freakin’ adventure. That’s about as excitable as I can get right now, as I’ve been up for roughly 28 hours now and, thanks to a mechanical failure on our connecting flight from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale, … Read more

Shalom, aloha, and dobry den!

Heading to the Frankly Frosty Frontier of Anchorage, or: “Take me to the pilot of your soul…”

Yeah yeah, I haven’t been posting much lately. I know. Some recent… shall we say, “access control changes” have made it a wee bit more problematic to post as often and as perspicaciously as I’d like to. Plus I’ve been super freakin’ lazy and burnt out lately, but I think that’s going to change very … Read more


Album Review: “Moving Pictures” — Rush (1981)

Think of those instantly iconic albums. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? Given a band with a pretty vast catalog of recorded work, there is always at least one album that new fans, who have recently ‘discovered’ the band, gravitate towards for an ‘introductory’ or ‘statement-defining’ experience, beyond the standard “greatest hits” collection. For an act as … Read more